The Best Podiatry Treatment in Melbourne

Podiatry TreatmentEvery family has one physician to take proper care of any health related problems of the family members. Likewise, you should also have an experienced podiatrist to treat your ankle, foot and lower limb conditions. One of the best podiatry clinic is Lefort Podiatry that also has its own clinics in Doveton and Mt Waverley. A comprehensive podiatry service is offered by the experienced podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry. Any lower limb issue is diagnosed and treated by the professional podiatrists of this well-known clinic.

Here is a list of some of the podiatry conditions that the podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry treat –

  • Corns and Callous

Corns and callous are usually caused due to excessive pressure on the heel and foot. The area under the ball of the foot mainly experiences intense pain. The cells within the body detect the excessive pressure and produce skin very quickly to respond. A protective layer is built up by these cells. The hard skin that the cells produce is known as callous. Nucleus is the central core of a corn. A burning sensation under the feet and heel is the primary symptom of corn and callous. Your footwear and foot posture should be changed by you in order to get relief from the pain.

  • Children’s Feet

As the feet of young children are very soft, so a deform leg condition can be caused if they put excess pressure on the feet. Children of age groups 3-5 and 7-9 mainly suffer from non-specific growing pains. Both boys and girls of age group 9-15 years usually suffer from frequent heel and knee pain. The lower limb skeletal development and walking pattern of the children are assessed by the podiatrists to determine the required treatment. Foot deformity of a child can be reduced by following the prescribed exercises regularly.

  • Flat Feet

Flat feet is the posture of the feet when you stand. Bone positions, trauma, tendon positions and cerebral palsy are the causes of flat feet. Shock absorption and ground adaptability are allowed by the pronation that occurs when you walk. Pain and potential injury are caused if excessive pronation occurs while walking normally. You must consult a podiatrist at an early stage to avoid extreme pain in future. Flat feet is mainly caused in children.

  • Fungal Toenails

If your toe nails are discoloured and thick, that means you are suffering from fungal nail infection. The patients who suffer from diabetes and the adults of over 60 years of age experience this condition. A fungal skin infection generally leads to fungal nail infection. The treatment of fungal nail infection is not only time taking, but very expensive as well. Photodynamic Laser Therapy is used by the podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry to treat this nail infection. A low level wavelength is used by this therapy to destroy the fungal cells.

Thus, consult the podiatrists of Lefort Podiatry today by taking an appointment in any of its clinics in Melbourne for the treatment of your ankle, foot and leg issues.

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