The best healthcare provider in Kirwan

gpIn medical profession, a GP is known as general practitioner, who is a medical doctor. A general practitioner takes care of chronic and acute illness by treating it with preventive care and providing health education to the patients. A GP treats patients with illness that present at an early stage of development, which when treated with immediate care, can avoid the growth of that illness. The preventive care approach taken by a general practitioner takes biological, physiological and social factors into consideration to take care of each patient’s illness. There area of expertise does not confined to any particular organ of the body, but they have definite training and skills to treat patients of any age and sex by providing general care and immediate action if required.

Kirwan is recognised as one of the leading health care providers in Townsville, with more than a sufficient number of doctors having vast experience, experienced nurses and a friendly medical support staff. They are also certified with the chronic disease management group.

What you can expect from Strive Health?

Below are some salient features offered by the experienced and expert medical professionals at this medical and health service provider.

    • As soon as a patient arrives, a team of experienced doctors and medical supporting staff including trained nurses and physiotherapists are assigned to that person. So, each and every patient gets individual attention for immediate attention and maximum care at all times.

  • The staff at the reception will make you feel comfortable with their hospitality and also, with more than sufficient number of medical staff, you will get attention in no time.
  • The treatment procedure followed includes detailed understanding of your problems with comprehensive assessments to fulfil your immediate medical needs. These are accompanied by preventive medical and your lifetime assessments.
  • To serve each and every patient efficiently, Strive Health is known to provide dedicated appointment services as well. It helps them to organize and manage the time they spend with each patient optimally. They offer separate wings to provide medical support for patients in emergency that seeking urgent medical attention.
  • Various kinds of medical packages are offered here, starting from lifestyle and wellness and family care to care at home. General check up with health and lifestyle advice, weight management and preventive health check-ups are also offered. Monitoring facility is generally available with ECG, lung function test, hearing tests and many others. Vaccinations for various diseases are also provided here. Physiotherapists that have vast experience and training are also available.

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