Professional chiropractic programme

chiropractorA chiropractor is defined as someone who works as a health care professional and whose main focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. A chiropractor emphasizes his treatment through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine. And, a common short term CPD is used largely in this field.

CPD means continuing professional development. All chiropractors must keep themselves updated with all the latest developments and new techniques being used in their field. So, being a professional chiropractor, you need to find yourself a good, comprehensive and easy to use CPD programme which offers you up to date study materials. Here some features and structures of one of the best chiropractor CPD programme available in Australia are described.

This very CPD programme mainly focuses on chiropractic practice involving paediatric patients. The paediatric CPD programme offered is very rich and consists of a series of eBooks. Each and every eBook is written in simple but rich language with a very easy to understand approach. Also, with this CPD programme you will be able to bag one hundred and thirty videos designed very cautiously and carefully covering all areas of the concerned field. Each and every video of this CPD programme is very interactive and makes the understanding very easier and interesting. Moreover, this CPD programme consisting of six modules is approved in Australia, as well as in New Zealand, South Africa and United Kingdom also.

Some advantages of this very CPD course are summarised below –

  • Once you subscribe yourself to this CPD programme, you will have access to each of its online eBooks and video presentations for unlimited number of times for 12 months. With this unique feature, you will be able to review and clear your doubts with perfection.
  • This very CPD programme allows you to continue at your own pace without hampering your current attachments and work. At the end of each and every module, of the six modules, you will be able to attend some multiple choice questions to evaluate your understanding.
  • You will receive a certificate after successful completion of each module. Also, it is completely your choice whether you attend all the CPD questions.
  • Being a completely online programme, you can continue your CPD programme whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to wait for anything and you don’t have to attend any lectures or presentations. You just have to log in through your tablet, desktop or laptop and you will be able to read the eBooks and view the video presentations.
  • This online paediatric CPD programme covers all the topics and steps required to handle a patient, starting from the medical history taking and basic physical examination to all the strategies you need to develop for the treatment purpose.


The following list describes the contents name of each module provided when you subscribe to this CPD programme.

  • Basic consultation
  • Cranial assessment and subsequent adjustment
  • Spinal assessment and subsequent adjustment
  • Management of some common childhood problems
  • Special appointment
  • Wellness practice based on evidence

Most importantly, this CPD programme is very cost effective, and some limited time offer enables you to buy the whole package together at a very nominal price.

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