Natural ways of reducing high blood pressure

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Though people suffer from many health problems, but high blood pressure is one of the most common issues among them. Your high blood pressure should be controlled both for a longer life and to prevent the chances of stroke or heart attack. Your blood pressure increases as you age. Impotence, fatigue, hair loss, inflammation and memory problems are caused due to high blood pressure. The quality of your life is affected negatively by lots of other ailments. According to research, after the age of 20 people are mostly likely to have high blood pressure. And after the age of 65, 90% people suffer from hypertension. One of the primary causes of hypertension is not only your age, but also the negative changes in your hormone.

Your lifestyle should be improved to lower high blood pressure. Stress management, better diet, losing weight and more exercise are involved in lifestyle improvements. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that they have high blood pressure. If you have optimal blood pressure level, then you must reduce it. There are no symptoms of high blood pressure. So, this condition is termed as “silent killer”. Extremely high blood pressure is reduced by some drugs for a short term and has many negative side effects. There are many natural supplements that reduce hypertension. These supplements lower blood pressure to help you live longer.

Some of these supplements are given as follows –

  • Grape seed extract

MegaNatural-BP is the patented form of grape seed extract that helps to reduce high blood pressure in one month.

  • English Hawthorn Berry Extract

Blood pressure can be improved by the extract of English Hawthorn Berry. Strong contractile force in the heart is supported by this natural berry extract. Your cardiovascular health can also be improved by the consumption of this berry extract.

  • Celery seed extract

Celery seed extract is the natural supplement that functions similarly as calcium channel blocking drugs. These drugs affect the health with their intense negative side effects. But the extract of celery seed has the same function as these drugs but without any negative side effect. It helps to lower high blood pressure very fast.

  • Pomegranate extract

Punicalagin is a compound that is only found in pomegranate. It lowers both high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. The speed is increased by pomegranate extract at which heart blockages can be removed.

  • Lycopene extract

Tomato seeds contain a substance called Lycopene. It not only lowers blood pressure, but also acts as an antioxidant. It prevents the blood vessels and arteries from the damage caused by the radicals.

  • Magnesium

There are many kinds of magnesium. Absorption factor, bioavailability and functions differ with each. So, any form of magnesium such as magnesium citrate, di-magnesium malate or glycinate can be taken by you to lower high blood pressure.

  • Potassium

Sodium in the body is balanced by Potassium. Higher blood pressure levels and water retention are caused due to high level of Sodium. Potassium acts as natural diuretic.

These are some of the best natural supplements that help to lower your high level of blood pressure very quickly.

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