How to chose the best stretch mark cream for you

If you are someone who suffers from stretch marks, no matter how many, or how few, you will be amongst just one of many thousands of people around the world who wished there was a simple cure to get rid of them.

Although stretch marks are completely harmless, but can in some instances become itch and sensitive, they can have an immense impact on someone’s self-confidence, causing them to feel embarrassed about their bodies and their stretch marks!

The sad truth is that, unfortunately, there is no real way of getting rid of them completely, but thanks to a lot of scientific studies and tests, there are now certain ways which you can make them slight less visible by using stretch marks cream treatment. !

Whether you got your stretch marks through puberty, pregnancy or through quick weight gain and then loss, the true fact is that I’m sure you just wish you didn’t have them at all!

Like an elastic band, the middle layer of our skin stretches out, and then returns to its normal form, but when the skin goes through what we call “extreme” stretching such as that of excess weight gain or pregnancy where the stomach skin is stretched beyond its usual capacity, it doesn’t go back to its regular state either once the excess weight is lost or a woman has her baby. This is when “stretch marks” appear, and are usually noticed as pinkish colored lines in the skin, which are referred to as striae.

Once the stretch marks appear on the skin, they are usually quite obvious being pink in colour, however after a period of time it becomes obvious that they fade in color and become more skin tone in their appearance, but combined with a mottle type texture.

There have been many claims of “miracle cures” for stretch marks and there are certainly lots of stretch mark creams available on the market today such as cocoa butter, bio-oil and some other leading brands, and it has been proven that many of these do aid in the reduction of unsightly scars on the skin as they say they do. It is a known fact that to keep the skin supple with the mere action of rubbing on stretch marks creams or other body creams does help your circulation if used on a daily basis.

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