Getting a flat stomach…

flat stomachGetting a flat stomach and/or chiseled abs is something many people aspire to, but few ever achieve. Why is this? For starters, learning how to get a flat stomach is hard. Many people don’t know this, but the fat around your waist and internal organs is different from the fat around the rest of your body. Without getting technical, this fat is harder to burn because it surrounds our internal organs and is denser. To burn this kind of fat, most people need to engage in strenuous or high intensity interval training. This type of exercise boosts our metabolism as high as possible, allowing our bodies to burn fat for hours after we finish exercising.

Sadly doing steady state exercise won’t help. Steady state exercise is that which involves running, jogging, swimming or biking at a steady pace. The reason this doesn’t work is because it is too easy on our bodies, and does not raise our heart rate enough to burn the tissue so densely accumulated around our organs.

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