Details to know about breast enhancement surgery

There are various types of plastic surgery operations in the world that people generally undergo to look perfect. Out of these numerous types of cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation is the most common one. This will help a woman to achieve great results by making their breasts look perfect. Surgeons mostly use breast implants to perform this surgery. Breast implants are also known as boob job. Though undergoing breast augmentation is of no harm, but still you need to know some details of this surgery.


Communication is the most important part of breast augmentation. Nowadays, doctors use a wide range of devices for this surgery. So, you can achieve an enormous variety of sizes, shapes and appearances of your breasts. Do not opt for the surgeons by whom only or two options are offered to you. Most of the patients dream of achieving ideal breasts. It is very vital to communicate with your surgeon clearly and openly. The surgeon should understand your viewpoint so that he or she can operate your breasts likewise.

Communication between the patient and the surgeon can be simplified by using many methods such as using photographs of the breasts of patients, computer modelling and using of sizer implants and tester. The sizer implants should be placed inside your bra while communicating with the surgeon. It will be better if you bring some photographs of breasts from magazines or media that have close resemblance with your breast shape and size.


Though previously a saline implant was the most common kind of breast implants but now it has been replaced by a cohesive silicon gel implant. There are modern devices which are being used nowadays by the surgeons to perform breast augmentation.

Breast implant fill

As the insertion of saline implants was done through a very small opening, so it was the most common implant that were used for breast augmentation. Some of the implants look same as the silicone gel implants in appearance. Some have smooth coatings, textured coating, tear drop or round shape. The newer cohesive get filled implants have developed a lot in the last 5 years. The problems of the original silicone gel implants are avoided by these new implants. These implants have much more stability and the gel does not flow out of the implant when cut or torn.

Breast Shape

Round implants and anatomical implants are the two distinct shapes of breast implants. A fuller upper pole and a quite distinct look are provided by this traditional kind of round implants. Round implant is opted by most of the surgeons as it can be inserted easily. You can obtain round implants either in a textured a smooth coating. Anatomical implants are mostly used for breast reconstruction. These implants have a teardrop shape. Patients with little breast tissue mostly opt for anatomical implants. Patients who are willing to have very natural looking breasts can also go for this kind of implants.

These are some of the important details of breast augmentation that must be known by you before undergoing the same.

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