Common problems affecting the teeth

Healthy and white teeth are a very important aspect of a good smile on someone’s face which can instantly brighten up your day. But it is very important to take good care of your teeth as such problems can be very painful and long lasting. Teeth problems are increasing at an alarming rate among youth as well as the elderly section of the society. Many dental clinics are coming up in various parts of the city. These dental clinics offer a wide range of services starting from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics. These services can be availed at very competitive prices in dental clinic in Limassol.

Some of the common problems related to the health of the teeth which are faced by many people are listed below.

Tooth Decay: Tooth Decay is a very common problem especially among children in all countries. This is basically a result of the acid which is produced due to the combination of plague and sugar, which corrode the tooth causing it to decay at an alarming rate. The enamel of the tooth is completely destroyed making it prone to sensitivity. Thus, it is always advisable to brush especially after having food which has high sugar content.

Tooth Erosion: Tooth decay can eventually lead to tooth erosion, which is nothing but the weakening of the structure of the tooth, making it prone to cracking and eventually making it fall out of the gum. The acid has a very harmful effect on the enamel of the tooth which is the root cause of this problem. This condition of the tooth can be easily prevented with some amount of care and precaution.

Tooth Sensitivity: Many people find it very difficult to have too hot or too cold products like ice-creams, hot drinks, and sweets. This is all due to the sensitivity of the tooth. Care should be taken to cure this problem which otherwise it could also cause problems while brushing and flossing your tooth.

Toothaches and Dental Emergencies: Toothaches can be very painful at times and could be the major reason for your discomfort. In these cases, dental clinics come into play which offers emergency services to cure your problems immediately. This problem can be easily avoided by having regular checkups from professional dentists to know the problem at an early stage so that it does not create much of a mess later.

Missing Tooth: Some people might not realize but this is also a problem. The space created due to the missing tooth can hamper the way we speak and eat. Thus, this problem also needs to be addressed because it would soon affect the other teeth adjacent to it. With latest technology and techniques, this problem can be easily solved with the help of either tooth implants or bridges or dentures. Prior consultation from a professional dentist is mandatory before going for any of the options to know which would suit you the best.

All these problems can be easily addressed in a dental clinic near your residence. Apart from these normal services, some dental clinics also offer treatments like teeth whitening and prosthetic treatment to make your teeth look perfect every time you smile.

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